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Faq's Page

Buyer FAQ’S

What is IMSCodes?

At IMSCodes, you can buy and sell HTML templates as well as themes for popular CMS products like WordPress, Joomla and Drupal.

How to Create an Account?

From top menu, click on sign up. You will be asked for your name, email, username and password. That’s it!

What are the prices for downloads?

Items are priced on the complexity, quality and use of the file; the total price also includes a Buyer Fee.

How can I find and buy items?

Browse category list from "Shop" menu. Or search from home page. You can buy your selected item using credit card

What if item I purchased is not as described?

In case the item is not as it was described you can get 100% refund.

How to Download Purchased Items?

After purchasing your item(s) go to your profile page and click on the downloads button. We encourage downloading items immediately and saving them to your hard drive.

How to give Seller Feedback?

Every seller has their own profile page which includes all information about the seller. Once logged in, go to the sellers profile page and send them a message.

How to give Site Feedback?

We encourage you to give us feedback and truly tell us your thoughts about MOJO-Themes and the products we provide. To give us feedback click on the sliding support tab on the left side of the screen and fill out the form.

How long after Purchasing an item do I have to Download it?

The item will remain in your profile downloads for as long as the item you bought is sold by the seller. If the seller removes the item your ability to download it will be canceled. Therefore, we encourage you to download the item and save it to your hard drive as soon as possible.

Who can Help me Customize my Theme or Template?

We are providing an end-user service where we offer item and theme customization for an additional price.


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Seller FAQ's

How to Create an Account?

From top menu, click on sign up. You will be asked for your name, email, username and password. That’s it!

How to Upload Items?

Once signed into your account, click on the my account button at the top right. Click on the my account button within that page and then click on the upload button. Once you have arrived at the upload page there will be a drop down box in the top left where you can select the type of item you are uploading. Simply fill in the given fields. We will quickly respond with either an approval or a rejection with feedback as to why it was rejected. We will direct you to what it is you need to change if this does happen.

How to Request Payment

Once signed into your account, you need to click on the my account button at the top right. You will see a button titled withdrawals. It is very simple, in the brown box you will shown the available amount that you can request for pay out. Simply input the amount and your Paypal address and we will be sure to make a payment to you very quickly.

Does my Uploaded Item Need Documentation?

Yes, all items uploaded are required to have the proper documentation. This ensures a quality experience for the end users. If you dont have one, we can provide you one at the upload page.

Do I Need to Provide Support for my Item?

Yes, each seller is responsible for providing support for your item. Questions pertaining your items will be directed to you.

What if the Item is Rejected?

If your upload gets rejected it’s ok. We wont reject an upload without giving constructive feedback as to why it was rejected and how you may change it to get it approved. After making the necessary changes, upload again for the approval.